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terms and conditions

CubeGO captures eye-tracking and emotional data using your phone's frontal camera. For this, your face must be visible at all times and your posture must be held constant during the test. The CubeGO app provides instructions on how to achieve this.

Payment in exchange of participation in a test is conditional upon following the in-app instructions. If the quality of your videos is compromised because instructions were not followed, you may not get paid. 

Please be aware that you only have one shot at completing any given test, and you may not submit new videos if something goes wrong. This means that you should only begin a test if you know that you have a stable Internet connection, are unlikely to be interrupted, and are able to follow the instructions. 

How to ensure that you receive payment:

  • Follow the posture, lighting, and other instructions provided before the test begins and maintain them for the duration of the test

  • Complete the calibration sequence 

  • Finish the task and answer all the questions

  • Make sure you have a stable Internet connection

  • Wait until the videos are done uploading before you quit or uninstall the app

Reasons why you may not receive payment:

  • You did not follow the posture or lighting instructions (your face is off-center, in the dark, or moving too much)

  • You did not complete the calibration sequence

  • You quit the app before the test was over 

  • Your internet connection was lost during the test or during the video upload

  • You quit or uninstalled the app before the videos were done uploading

I lost my internet connection. What do I do?

If CubeGO senses that your connection is lost, it will keep your videos in memory and allow you to re-submit them later. As soon as you re-connect to a network, you may resume video uploads from the CubeGO Welcome page.


is it secure? Is it anonymous?

What is accessed / recorded?

During a test, CubeGO will ask for permission to access to your phone's frontal camera and to record your screen.

CubeGO only records your screen and face for the duration of a test: from the moment you activate your camera, to the moment you end the test. It is easy to know when CubeGO is recording: just take a look at the left side of your screen and notice the CubeGO bubble. If the bubble is there, then recordings are taking place now.

CubeGO does not have access to any of the information or other apps stored on your phone. It will see anything that appears on your screen for the duration of a test, however. This is why CubeGO asks you to turn off your notifications for the duration of a test, and, on Android devices, to close any open apps with personal or private information.

What happens to my data?

CubeGO records a video of your screen and a video of your face. These videos are then uploaded onto our servers. Videos of your face are not retained on our servers and are not shared with partners (i.e., CubeGO clients). Instead, we use your face video to extract emotions, and then plot them onto your screen video. Once the information has been extracted from your face video, your face video gets destroyed from our servers.


Below is an example of what your final test data looks like to a CubeGO partner:

bubble_light (1).png

The CubeGO bubble

Our partners see:

  • Everything on your screen during a test 

  • Where you were looking during a test (as represented by a moving circle)

  • A gauge with different emotions that were read on your face (as represented by a coloured line on the side of the video)

Videos of your face are not shared with CubeGO partners and are destroyed from our servers after analysis.

when/how/how much do i get paid?

Upon completing a test and sending your videos, give CubeGO a few hours to analyze your videos for quality. If your videos meet our quality standards, then you can expect to receive payment within the next 5 business says. Payment is sent via e-transfer, and CubeGO will use the email address you provided at the beginning of the test to send you the payment.

Please note that simply participating in a test is not a sufficient condition for receiving payment. Your participation videos need to pass our quality standards. To ensure this, follow the in-app instructions closely (see terms and conditions).

If your videos do not meet our quality standards, you will receive an email notification with the reason why they were not accepted. In this instance, payment will not be issued for that test.

The amount you get paid for a test varies depending on the test. You can expect to be paid a minimum of $15 USD for 30 minutes, though many tests offer upwards of $20 USD. 


What is it?

CubeGO (developed by CubeHX) is an app that allows you to complete short user tests in exchange for money. CubeGO captures your gaze and your facial emotions while you use websites, apps, or watch videos in order to understand your immediate experience. In addition, CubeGO uses survey questions to gather your opinion on the experience.


At CubeHX, we work with partners from all industries to help them improve their digital experiences. And there is no best way to improve those experiences than by asking you, the consumer, to test them! 


As a consumer, CubeGO offers you a quick, simple and unique way to complete user tests on the go and to earn money while doing so. You can get paid as much as $20 for as little as 30 minutes of your time. That’s like having an approximate yearly salary of 80k!


What does it measure?

eye (1).png
Your gaze
face (1).png
Your facial emotions
Your screen
survey (1).png
Your thoughts and opinions

CubeGO captures your gaze and your emotions using your phone’s frontal camera. This is done to understand where you are looking and how you are feeling while you interact with websites and apps.


Aside from your gaze and facial emotions, CubeGO also captures what happens on your screen during a test. 


When a test is completed, CubeGO uploads a video of your screen and a video of your face to our servers. Videos of your face are used to extract emotions and are then destroyed. Then, your data are analyzed to understand what was happening as the experience unfolded, second by second.


User experience professionals, designers, and developers use this information to understand how to improve their apps, websites, and other digital products. Aside from this, they get direct feedback from you, the user, on the experience they created. 


what are the steps?

A CubeGO test can be done anywhere, at any time. Here is what a normal test looks like:

1. Receive an email invitation

If you received an invitation to participate in a CubeGO test, it is because your profile fits the intended audience  for that test. You want some extra cash and have a few minutes to spare? Then go straight ahead!

2. install the cubego app

The CubeGO app is available in both the iOS and the Android app stores. No sign up required!

3. enter the test pin

Each CubeGO test has an associated PIN number. The PIN number you need will be provided to you once you agree to participate in the test.

4. Get ready

CubeGO captures your gaze and your facial emotions for the duration of the test. For this to work, a short preparation is required. We will ask you to find a quiet room, to assume and maintain a given position, and to complete a short calibration exercise. All of this takes about 5 minutes in total.

5. GO!

You will be taken to a website to complete a short task. During this time, we will capture your screen, your gaze and your emotions. All recordings stop as soon as you finish the task.

6. Answer a few questions

Was that fun, or boring? Was it difficult, or easy? Let us know what you think by answering a few short questions and providing your thoughts on the experience.

7. Sit back and get paid for your efforts

If your video meets our quality standards, you will receive payment within 5 business days.


how long does it take?

On average, CubeGO tests (including preparation, task, and survey questions) can last between 10 and 30 minutes. 


We recommend setting out between 30-40 minutes to comfortably complete any test.



Tasks are usually short actions you can perform on a website or app. For example, you may be asked to browse for a product and add it to your cart, find a specific piece of information on a website, or simply answer a form. The tasks are designed to test a website or system's functionality and user-friendliness.

CubeGO will automatically take you to the website where the task must be completed.


how do i participate in other tests?

To participate in any CubeGO test, you must first be invited. Because CubeGO tests are built for a specific audience, we look for participants with specific characteristics before we invite them to complete a test. 

For the moment, CubeGO does not retain participant information for invitations.


can my friend do the test too?

No, please do not share a test PIN number with other people. Only participants who meet the test's audience criteria are retained for analysis, and these criteria are only known to CubeGO and its partners. Thus, if someone who was not invited to a test submits participation videos, they may not get paid.


how many tests can i complete?

Good news! There is no limit to the number of tests you can complete on CubeGO, so long as you are invited to all of them. 


there was an error during my test. Can i start again?

Unfortunately, no. Once a test recording has begun, we do not accept a second try. We understand that sometimes tests fail for reasons outside of your control. However, repeat testing can undermine the validity of our results.

If your test videos failed to upload, you may try sending them again at a later time from the CubeGO welcome page.

If your test failed and your videos were rejected because of quality issues, we are sorry this happened. We are working hard on making CubeGO as reliable as possible and on making sure every participant gets paid for their efforts. Contact us to report any issues, and stay tuned for the next available test.


do i need an account?

No, all you need is to install the CubeGO app and you are good to go! Your information is not saved within the app, so you may uninstall it after each test if you wish.


how long do i have to complete a test?

On average, CubeGO tests are online and open to participants for about 1 week. 

If you try to participate after the test has expired, you will see an error message after you enter the test PIN on CubeGO.


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